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Jeparit's Easter Fishing Competition 2024

Saturday 30th March 2024

Easter 2024 Fishing Competition

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Easter 2024 Fishing Competition! We had over 400 entries and 135 eligible fish weighed in.

Congratulations to all prize winners, listed below. Our thanks also go to every one of our sponsors who make the competition and extensive prize list possible.

2024 Junior First Place

Junior First Place
Jamar Zanker, Yarrawonga

2024 Senior First Place

Senior First Place
Tania Beer, Sebastopol


PlaceName, TownSpeciesWeight (grams)
1Jamar Zanker, YarrawongaGolden Perch/Yellowbelly3764
2Rylan Schneider, NhillGolden Perch/Yellowbelly3272
3Pheobe Greig, BallaratGolden Perch/Yellowbelly2452
4Cianna Beer, SebastopolGolden Perch/Yellowbelly1926
5Charlotte Bell, GeelongRedfin1084
6Zoe Webb, NhillRedfin986
7Frazer Wheaton, NhillRedfin900
8Ella Battye, PenolaRedfin856
9Zoe Neil, AvocaSilver Perch848
10Ashton Hatcher, Mt EgertonGolden Perch/Yellowbelly792

Juniors, Carp

PlaceName, TownSpeciesWeight (grams)
1Reed Golea, BallaratCarp1664
2Jasper Bigham, RainbowCarp1422


PlaceName, TownSpeciesWeight (grams)
1Tania Beer, SebastopolGolden Perch/Yellowbelly4160
2Rodney Beer, SebastopolGolden Perch/Yellowbelly3440
3Liam Preston, Lake HindmarshGolden Perch/Yellowbelly3164
4Perc Ball, NetherbyGolden Perch/Yellowbelly3054
5Thomas Dart, BordertownGolden Perch/Yellowbelly2692
6Josh Beer, Miners RestGolden Perch/Yellowbelly2086
7Allan Beer, WendoureeGolden Perch/Yellowbelly1932
8Abbie McConnell, BallaratGolden Perch/Yellowbelly1832
9Laurie Brymer, AntwerpGolden Perch/Yellowbelly1808
10Tyler Newcombe, NhillGolden Perch/Yellowbelly1616

Seniors, Carp

PlaceName, TownSpeciesWeight (grams)
1Wayne Stratton, BallaratCarp4172
2Greg Proud, DimboolaCarp2404

Kevin Humphreys (Oigle's) Memorial Mystery Weight Prize

Mystery WeightName, TownClosest Eligible WeightSpecies
542Mason Colgate, Edenhope538 gramsSilver Perch

With thanks to our competition sponsors...

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